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What to See
  • OCT East Theme Park
    OCT East Theme Park

    Located in Dameisha, Shenzhen, about 40 minutes or so from central Shenzhen by bus or taxi, OCT East Theme Park is a resort destination comprising t ...

  • Lianhuashan Park
    Lianhuashan Park

    Lianhuashan Park is located in the north of Shenzhen city, occupying an area of 166.14 hectares. It is a popular resort in the city with enchanting ...

  • Mangrove National Park
    Mangrove National Park

    Mangrove is a kind of marine woody phytocoenose, which comprise primarily of Rhizophoraceae Plants, which is named from its pink tree trunk. Located ...

  • Happy Valley
    Happy Valley

    Located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen city, Happy Valley is another modern theme park in China after Splendid China, Chinese Folk Culture Villages a ...

  • Window of the World
    Window of the World

    Shenzhen Window of the World is a fantastic replica park the located in the western part of Shenzhen city. Exceptionally assembled in the 480,000 sq ...

  • Safari Park
    Safari Park

    Safari Park is located in the north of Shenzhen. It is the first of its kind in the country; the park is a 120,000-sqm subtropical garden housing ne ...

  • Minsk World
    Minsk World

    Minsk World is a military-themed park based on a retired aircraft carrier, the Minsk, which was built in the former Soviet Union and was once the wo ...

  • Splendid China
    Splendid China

    Also known as Miniature of China, the 300,000-sqm park features replicas of more than 80 scenic and cultural wonders in the country. Here you can fi ...

  • China Folk Culture Villages
    China Folk Culture Villages

    Right next to Splendid China, the folk culture park dazzles with the histories and mysteries of the country's ethnic groups. Scattering around the 1 ...

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