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Situated in the south of China, Shenzhen is adjacent Hong Kong to the south, and the Pearl River to the west. Since 1978, this earliest Special Economy Zone in China has created the world's urbanization, industrialization and modernization of the miracle. Today, it is known as China's largest port and the top tourist destination in Guangdong Province.

Shenzhen's major tourist attractions include the Chinese Folk Culture Village, the Window of the World, Happy Valley, Splendid China, the Safari Park in Nanshan district, the Dameisha Promenade, Xiaomeisha Beach Resort in Yantian district, Chung Ying Street, Xianhu Lake Botanical Garden, and Minsk World.
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Shenzhen offers tourists an "impossible" opportunity to know China in one day. Just visit the two sites – China Folk Culture Villages and Splendid China.
A 3-day sightseeing tour in Shenzhen with most popular sites – fantastic Splendid China, wonderful China Folk Culture Villages, and "adventurous" Safari Park.

Shenzhen Hotels More

  • Days Inn Shenzhen
    Days Inn Shenzhen

    The first Days Inn hotel in Shenzhen, this property makes all effort to offer dedicated staff, convenient facilities, and cozy accommodation.

  • Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Luohu
    Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Luohu

    Holiday Inn Express Luhou’s separate check-in area means you don’t need much time to settle down before starting your vacation or business trip he ...

  • Kaili Hotel Shenzhen
    Kaili Hotel Shenzhen

    Shenzhen Kaili Hotel is a business class hotel with a history of 20 years established on a Four - star standard. It completed the renovation in Augu ...

  • Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen
    Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen

    Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen is a member of Sheraton Group. With Shenzhen Grand Ballroom and thirteen function rooms, the hotel has the space yo ...

  • Holiday Inn Shenzhen Donghua
    Holiday Inn Shenzhen Donghua

    Holiday Inn Donghua Shenzhen, with its prime location, offers world class accommodations and services of international standards. Whether you are in ...

  • InterContinental Shenzhen
    InterContinental Shenzhen

    When InterContinental Shenzhen opened on the Shenzhen Bay Hotel site, it not only preserved the legend’s original façade, it honored its innovativ ...

  • Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen
    Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen

    Opened in 2006, the Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen overlooks Shenzhen bay. Nearby attractions include the Shenzhen Opera House, shopping malls and an ente ...

  • Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel
    Shenzhen Shangri-La Hotel

    Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen is the city's premier international luxury hotel, combining spacious accommodations, exceptional fine dining, and compreh ...

Shenzhen Attractions More

  • China Folk Culture Villages
    China Folk Culture Villages

    Right next to Splendid China, the folk culture park dazzles with the histories and mysteries of the country's ethnic groups. Scattering around the 1 ...

  • Splendid China
    Splendid China

    Also known as Miniature of China, the 300,000-sqm park features replicas of more than 80 scenic and cultural wonders in the country. Here you can fi ...

  • Minsk World
    Minsk World

    Minsk World is a military-themed park based on a retired aircraft carrier, the Minsk, which was built in the former Soviet Union and was once the wo ...

  • Safari Park
    Safari Park

    Safari Park is located in the north of Shenzhen. It is the first of its kind in the country; the park is a 120,000-sqm subtropical garden housing ne ...

  • Window of the World
    Window of the World

    Shenzhen Window of the World is a fantastic replica park the located in the western part of Shenzhen city. Exceptionally assembled in the 480,000 sq ...

  • Happy Valley
    Happy Valley

    Located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen city, Happy Valley is another modern theme park in China after Splendid China, Chinese Folk Culture Villages a ...

  • Mangrove National Park
    Mangrove National Park

    Mangrove is a kind of marine woody phytocoenose, which comprise primarily of Rhizophoraceae Plants, which is named from its pink tree trunk. Located ...

  • Lianhuashan Park
    Lianhuashan Park

    Lianhuashan Park is located in the north of Shenzhen city, occupying an area of 166.14 hectares. It is a popular resort in the city with enchanting ...

Shenzhen | Food & Restaurants More

Shenzhen is a promising and burgeoning migration city, so people coming from different places bring along their own favorite cooking techniques and delicacies. The catering industry is flourishing in Shenzhen with more than ten thousand catering and entertainment places, an ideal place for the genuine food lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world. Even a snack from other part of the world can be tasted here in Shenzhen. Live oyster at Shajing, ShenzhenShajing oyster represents the most famous native specialty in Shenzhen, abounding in the inter ... More

Shenzhen | Weather & Climate More

Shenzhen is situated in the subtropical part of China, located at about the Tropic of Cancer. The weather is generally pleasant with plenty of both rain and sunshine in Shenzhen, temperate and mild in the autumn; there is a bit of cool breeze in the winter, but it is just warm enough to do anything, as the South China Sea buffers its climate, so cold snaps are not common. In the spring Shenzhen is relatively dry, and then it has a hot and wet s ... More

Shenzhen Travel Tips More

Best Travel Time ShenzhenAround 1 hour from Guangzhou by train, Shenzhen shares the same subtropical marine climate with Guangzhou. Weather in Shenzhen is mild with plentiful sunshine and rainfall all the year round. Generally speaking, May to December are the months which are influenced by typhoons, so the best travel time to Shenzhen is really October to April next year. Shenzhen Safety TipsShenzhen is a rather safe city and the main crimes are pick pocketing and scams. Be careful in crowded shopping centers, subway trains, buses, stations and around ... More

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