Yangtze River Tours

As the longest river in Asia (6380km), the exciting, exotic and yet serene Yangtze River will feast your eyes through stunning landscape, bustling local lifestyle and ancient historic relics. Every sail on the Yangtze River is a time-travel experience. You will experience the mysterious river of life - Yangtze in all its beauty. Easy Tour China incorporated the wonderful cruise experience into different China holiday package tours, which becomes one of the highlights in each travel itinerary. What is more, we are flexible to have all these cruise tours tailor-made to suit you needs.

You are free to choose the regular cruise plan between Chongqing and Yichang, usually 3-4 nights on board. Or there are also 6/8–night cruise options between Chongqing and Shanghai for a longer trip along the river. No matter which itinerary you select, the Three Gorges, namely Qutang, Wu, and Xiling, are always the top notch attractions along the Yangtze River. They stretch from Eastern Sichuan to Western Hubei, with a distance of 193 km. During the sail, passengers will take some interesting shore excursions to see the historical sites, stunning landscape and local people’s life. What is more, a visit to the world-largest Three Gorges Dam, which is said to be more than 5 times the size of Hoover Dam, is woven into the voyage as well.

In recent year, as the dam had raised the water level in the reservoir to 175m (574ft) above sea level by October 2010, more and more advanced river cruisers were launched, which are a lot bigger in size, with more spacious passenger cabins, and amenities/facilities to entertain the clients. The premium cruise fleets include Victoria Cruises, Century Cruises, Gold Cruises and President Cruises.

Yangtze River cruises are filled with activities and shore excursions, gourmet cuisines, interesting activities and evening entertainment. Therefore, to include the Yangtze cruise in your tour itinerary is a prfect option for the luxury, senior, family travelers and those, who intend to visit China in a leisurely way.

Here below are the recommended Yangtze cruise tours by Easy Tour China:

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12-day China Yangtze Passage

15-day China Impression with Yangtze Cruise

16-day China Focus Tour

22-day Wonders of China Tour

33-day Intrepid Lifestyle Voyage

42-day Absolute China Journey

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