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Travel in China

  • Top 10 Ancient Towns of China

    Some unique Chinese ancient towns are sparsely dotted all over the country, where we can see much that we can’t in big cities today. These ancient towns are generally the epitome of ancient lifestyles, festivals, custom, social relations as well as rooted ki...

  • Top Ten Tourist Attractions in China

    As the curator of the world’s oldest continuous civilization, China has a great numbers of historical attractions, as well as natural wonders to see. If you got no idea which attractions to visit in China, for the first timers, we would recommend the followi...

  • Top Ten Tourist cities of China

    Got no idea where to go in China? For the first timers, we would recommend the following top ten tourist cities, also the best places to visit in China, for your consideration. These cities includes the capital city - Beijing, the ancient city - Xian, the dyna...

  • Top 10 Food Cities in China

    Culinary culture is one of the most important aspects of China. Right here, we will offer you some basic ideas of where to taste the local specialties in China - the top 10 food cities in China. Get a quick glimpse of those destinations for foodies, and you wi...

  • Top 10 Shopping Streets in China

    Shopping in China could be a lot of fun for international travelers, as it boasts so many different small stores, boutique shops, supermarkets and malls in every city. Right here below we will name the top ten shopping streets in China for your reference, all ...

  • Top Ten Famous Mountains in China

    When talking about the famous mountains in China, Chinese people usually refer to the Five Great Mountains and the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism. Most of them boast religious significance, of either Taoism or Buddhism; some have become the UNESCO World Her...

  • Eight Famous Cuisines in China

    The history of Chinese cuisines dates back to many centuries ago. The Chinese have spent such a long time perfecting culinary skills and creations. What could be regarded as typical traditional Chinese food is really a good question. China boasts a huge territ...

  • Top 10 Destinations in China for Honeymooners

    Honeymoon is the most awaited and cherished moment for newly wed couples. For the couples who are determined to head off on honeymoon, China could be a very unique destination as it is gifted with breath-taking beauty of the nature and striking & historica...

  • Top Ten Famous Lakes in China

    Besides the world-renowned rivers and mountains, China also boasts a big variety of lakes, some are the watery wonders granted by nature. Each of these lakes has their own features with the breathtaking beauty, sanctity and abundant resources. Now, let’s sho...

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