Kashgar Bazaar

Old saying has it "the tour to Xinjiang is not complete without going to Kashgar, while the visit to Kashgar is not complete without going to its bazaar". In Uygur language, Bazaar means market and trade place. Traditional bazaar is held on Sunday. During the day, the traders from home and abroad as well as the local farmers flock into the market place, which is centered on the "Kashgar International Trade Market of Central and Western Asia" with an impressive green-tiled dome. Nowadays the bazaar is simply open every day, but a lot busier on Sunday.

Covering an area of 250 mu (41 acres), composed of 21 specialized markets including over 4,000 fixed booths and a food street, the bazaar has become the largest one in Kashgar, even in Central Asia. At the fair, you can see a diverse mix of Uygurs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Han Chinese, Russians, and tourists, and buy various things such as silk, knives, handicrafts, livestock, local specialties, vegetables, clothes, and second hand items.

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