Kashgar Travel Tips

bazzar in kashgarKashgar is an oasis city in the western part of Xinjiang, with an extreme desert climate. It attracts visitors with unique Uygur ethnic flavor. There are some useful and practical tips for your Kashgar tips.

Best Time to Kashgar
With a short warm winter and a long cool summer, temperatures in Kashgar are pleasant most of the year. The best time to travel is between August and September, when the fruit are ripe.

Body Health & Safety
1. Take a coat with you, because the temperature in Kashgar differs greatly between the day and the night, especially in summer.

2. Take some sun-block creams, an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses with you to avoid being hurt by the sun.

3. Prepare some head-stroke preventives and anti-diarrhea medicines with you in advance, because the journey ahead of you is the long barren land.

When you travel in Muslim area, the following taboos should be paid more attention.

1. Not to eat pork, dog meat and horse meat, and the blood of those animals;

2. Not to drink wine and smoke;

3. Do as the Romans do, and no photos in the mosques. If you want to photo the monks and women, you must be permitted by them.

4. It is wise for women travelers to dress as would be appropriate in any Muslim country, covering arms and legs.

1. Some local interesting items include musical instruments, knives, Uighur caps, earthenware, carpets, jewelry, dyed cloth, and Xinjiang silk. The streets near the Id Kah Square are the best place for shopping in Kashgar.

2. For serious shopping, go the old town of Kashgar, ready to bargain. Hats, teapots sets, copper and brass ware, and Uighur knives are among the souvenirs you'll fond around town.

3. For Shopping, Sunday Market prices tends to be higher. And, Travelers are strongly advised to be wary of pickpockets around here.

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