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The Tianshan Mountain cuts Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region into two: the southern and northern regions. Kashgar is situated at the westernmost edge of the southern part. It is a small city in Chinese sense, while it still retains an air of the exotic, due mainly to its fascinating ethnic mix of Uygurs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks and a relatively small number of Han Chinese.

Kashgar is an attractive city: the bustling bazaars, the mosques, the families to and fro in their donkey carts, the men and women in colorful embroidered caps. Traders from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and even Russia steadily flow in and out of town, along with travelers from around the globe.
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Soak in the unique charm of Kashgar - once as a major Silk Road hub - with active Id Kah Mosque and wonderful Apakh Khoja Tomb.

This 3-day well-designed trip presents all highlights in and around Kashgar, from natural scenery of Karakul Lake, magnificent Muslim architectures, to local market for local lifestyle.

Kashgar Attractions More

  • Kashgar Bazaar
    Kashgar Bazaar

    Old saying has it "the tour to Xinjiang is not complete without going to Kashgar, while the visit to Kashgar is not complete without going to its ba ...

  • Abakh Khoja Tomb
    Abakh Khoja Tomb

    Visitors are not only impressed by the artistic shape and beautiful decoration of the structure, but also keenly interested in the stories behind th ...

  • Id Kah Mosque
    Id Kah Mosque

    Id Kah Mosque is Kashgar's biggest mosque and one of the most holy places in the Muslim world. It is said that the mosque was first built in 1442, a ...

  • Karakul Lake
    Karakul Lake

    At local language, Karakuri means 'Black Sea'. With a depth of 30 meters, the water in the lake is dark blue, hence the name. 191 km west of Kashgar ...

  • Kashgar Old Town
    Kashgar Old Town

    Kashgar is famous for the winding narrow streets of its historic old town, which used to be at the crossroads of the northern and southern branches ...

  • Stone City
    Stone City

    Located in the north of Tashkurgan County, Kashgar City, Xinjiang Province, Stone City is ruins of an ancient significant castle at the junction of ...

  • Mor Buddhist Pagoda
    Mor Buddhist Pagoda

    Located about 40kms northeast of Kashgar city, Mor Buddhist Pagoda was built in 7th century during the Tang dynasty and destroyed around the 12th ce ...

Kashgar | Food & Restaurants More

As the largest city in South Xinjiang, Kashgar hosts a fascinating collection of Muslim food with Central Asian flavor. Mutton is most favorite meat here, besides, the local people also enjoy wheat noodles, fish, rice and vegetables. In the street, you can always see the mounds of fresh-baked breads or nang, there are more than 50 different types.The food street is located around Id Kah Mosque, you can see many local restaurants there. Another choice is to go to the big bazaar at East Gate, the tourists can not only enjoy the fun of shopping, but the d ... More

Kashgar | Weather & Climate More

Situated in the central Asia, Kashgar boasts a continental climate with 4 distinct seasons. Like other cities in northwest of China, it is dry all year round. The temperature varies considerably during the day and night. The annual average temperature is about 11 - 12 degree Celsius (except the mountainous region).Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Average High (°C) 0.2 4.7 13.9 ... More

Kashgar Travel Tips More

Kashgar is an oasis city in the western part of Xinjiang, with an extreme desert climate. It attracts visitors with unique Uygur ethnic flavor. There are some useful and practical tips for your Kashgar tips. Best Time to KashgarWith a short warm winter and a long cool summer, temperatures in Kashgar are pleasant most of the year. The best time to travel is between August and September, when the fruit are ripe.Body Health & Safety1. Take a coat with you, because the temperature in Kashgar differs greatly between the day and the night, especially in ... More

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