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Kashgar is a famous historical and cultural rich city in Xinjiang and an important outpost on the northern Silk Road. Traders from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and even Russia steadily flow in and out of town. Kashgar remains an air of exotic due mainly to its minority groups, and their architecture, arts, customs and lifestyle. 

The magnificent range of Tianshan Mountain cuts Xinjiang into two parts: the southern and northern regions. Kashgar is situated at the westernmost edge of the southern part, and features breathtaking landscape. The heavenly Kalakuri Lake, awe-inspiring K2, endless Dawakun Desert, beautiful populus euphratica forest, great mosques and ancient city ruins make Kashgar an ultimate travel destination. The fascinating ethnic mix of Uygurs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks and a relatively small number of Han Chinese is for you to experience the unique ethnic culture in China. >> Read more about Kashgar history, facts, getting around, etc.

How to plan a trip to Kashgar Xinjiang? Travel with Easy Tour China on a tailor-made tour of Kashgar and even Silk Road adventure, you discover the region in-depth with upmost flexibility. Indulge yourself in walks through the bustling bazaars to discover pretty craft works and local street snacks, and see the families to and fro in their donkey carts, the men and women in colorful embroidered caps.

Suggested Private Kashgar Tour Packages

You’ve got to be accompanied by a private guide to see the most and best of Kashgar. ETC’s guided Kashgar tours blend city highlights, ancient history, ethnic culture, real life and nature adventure so that you can have a memorable travel experience.

  • 2 Days
    Kashgar Tour

    Soak in the unique charm of Kashgar - once as a major Silk Road hub - with active Id Kah Mosque and wonderful Apakh Khoja Tomb.

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Recommended China Tour Packages including Kashgar

ETC provides quality, custom Xinjiang and China Silk Road tours including Kashgar. Whether you’re first-timers or seasoned-travelers to this area, we ensure you unique travel experience for you to immerse in history, culture, nature and interacting with locals.

Top Experiences & Attractions in Kashgar

  • Old saying has it "the tour to Xinjiang is not complete without going to Kashgar, while the visit to Kashgar is not complete without going to its bazaar". In Uygur language, Bazaar...
  • At local language, Karakuri means 'Black Sea'. With a depth of 30 meters, the water in the lake is dark blue, hence the name. 191 km west of Kashgar, it is located at the foot of M...
  • Residents in Kashgar Old Town are friendly, but do show respect to the locals who are living here as these are their homes not only a tourist attraction. It is better to stay with ...
  • The Stone City was built on a precipitous hillock which is 20 meters high. The remains of the Stone City today are the outside walls while the inside had all collapsed. The broken ...
  • Id Kah Mosque is Kashgar's biggest mosque and one of the most holy places in the Muslim world. It is said that the mosque was first built in 1442, and rebuilt several times. Encomp...
  • Visitors are not only impressed by the artistic shape and beautiful decoration of the structure, but also keenly interested in the stories behind the cemetery. It is said to have b...

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