Baofeng Lake, Zhangjiajie

Located in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Baofeng Scenic Park Lake plays an important role in Zhangjiajie as a World Natural Heritage Site, a World Geopark, and a unique alpine lake. The main part of this park is obviously the Baofeng Lake, which is 2.5 kilometers long, 200-1000 meters wide and 72 meters deep on average. This is currently the only water-based tourist attraction in Wulingyuan Scenic Area. To complete your Zhangjiajie tour, expecially a Zhangjiajie family tour, Baofeng Lake shouldn’t be missed. Baofeng Lake is between high mountains and receives natural water streams without pollution. Therefore, the water is clean in Baofeng Lake. Around the lake, there are a number of sandstone peaks in various shapes surrounding.

Baofeng Lake is a masterpiece of landscape created by nature and manpower together. In the 1970s, local villagers built a dam to generate electricity, unwittingly creating a beautiful lake, which was later named after Baofeng Mountain. It is a rare high alpine lake, surrounded by green mountains, making a masterpiece of landscape scenery. It has become a representative of Wulingyuan's waterscape with its beautiful lake scenery and two small islands in the lake. Taking a boat ride here, you are also able to see many beautiful scenes such as "Jade Bottle Blossom", "Ten Women Dressing", "Golden Turtle Playing in the Water", "Frogs in spring". While enjoying the natural scenery on Baofeng lake cruise, you will also be entertained by the singing of local minority people. In traditional way young people express love by singing love songs. Compete with the singers and see who is going to win making your Zhangjiajie trip more of fun.

Besides the boat ride on Baofeng Lake, the Yingwozhai village is also well known by the local people, as another main part of Baofeng Park. After entering the park, walk up hundreds of stone steps westward, and the Baofeng ancient temple is at the end of the road where once home to bandits as Yingwozhai village. Burn a bundle of incense and make a best wish, also imagine how difficult the bandits went back their place after rubbing the villages outside. How nice is a Zhangjiajie tour like this.

Baofeng Lake Park Facts

Chinese Name: 宝峰湖景区

Location: No 8, Baofeng Road, Suoxi County, Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie city, Hunan Province, China. 张家界市武陵源区索溪镇宝峰路8号

Opening hours: 8:00-17:30

How far from Zhangjiajie: 35.7 km.

How long does the visit take: 2-3hrs.

Entry Ticket price: RMB96.

The most wonderful sights in Baofeng Lake Park

The Baofeng Park consists of many scenic sites. Among them, Baofeng Lake, Baofeng Waterfall, Yingwozhai Village, and One-Line Sky Valley are known as the "Four Wonders".

Baofeng Lake

The lake attraction lies the halfway up the hill, and is possible to travel by boat ride. When on the Baofeng lake cruise, the tourists always find clear water, forested stone peaks and fresh air surrounding them. The instructor of the boat explains the local customs and lake attractions while the boat is sailing. Tourists will also listen to local people singing folk songs on the lakeside.

Baofeng Waterfall

Bright and colorful, full of vitality, the waterfall is known as the “Eye of Baofeng Lake”. The waterfall rushes out from the cliffs, roaring a clamor sound, the magnificent scenery amazes all the tourists.

One-Line Sky Valley

This is peculiar scenery. The One-Line Sky Valley is more than 200 meters long and 100 meters high, but the average width is less than 2 meters. Look up from the valley, the tourists will find the sky becoming a single line.

Yingwozhai Village

After passing the Yixiantian Valley, the tourists will reach the Yingwo Stockade Village. The entrance is the ancient gate crenellation, and the deeper is the Baofeng Temple. The village and temple is embraced by the deep and serene forest, here will be the best place for tourists to rest and relax.

What is the best time for Baofeng Lake visiting?

The best time for a Zhangjiajie tour including Baofeng Lake is from April to November, because the weather is more suitable for hiking and aquatic activities. Try to avoid Chinese national holidays (such as May 1st to 3rd, October 1st to 7th and Spring Festival according lunar calendar) for there might be too many tourists.

How to get to the Baofeng Lake Park?

From Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport: 1. Firstly take taxi or public bus No.4 to Zhangjiajie Centre Bus Station, and then take the tourists bus to Wulingyuan station. Continue to take taxi to Baofeng Lake. 2. Take taxi to Baofeng Lake directly. 3. The most convenient and recommended way from airport to the park is taking the private vehicle service of Easy Tour China. Please book the service at least one day in advance.

From Zhangjiajie Bus Station: take the tourists bus to Wulingyuan station, and then continue to take taxi to Baofeng Lake.

From Zhangjiajie Rail Station: from the exit of the rail station, walk to Zhangjiajie Centre Bus Station which is about 100m away. Take the tourists bus to Wulingyuan station and then taxi to Baofeng Lake.

Travel Tips

  1. It’s very easy to get confused by the names of difference scenic areas in Zhangjiajie. So it’s important to be clear about what is what, or just join Easy Tour China for your private guided Zhangjiajie tour.
  2. Be careful not to drop in the water.
  3. Be ready for crowds and queues before taking the boat especially in peak season.
  4. A tour guide is highly recommended. 

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