Zhangjiajie Food and Restaurant

zhangjiajie tujia cuisineThere are various snacks in Zhangjiajie, where is also home to Miao and Tujia nationalities. So the local dishes are usually quite spicy like other parts of Hunan Province. And the people love pickles as well in their daily life. Apart from the two features, the local people like very much the smoked meat and fish. At the scenic area the food always are more expensive than those served in Zhangjiajie city.
Famous local dishes:
Tuannian dish
It is a dish and also called He dish that is made of boiled radish, bean curd, cabbage, shallot, pork and chili. The dish is meaningful and symbolizes harvest and the reunion of family.
Sangzhi salted dried bean curd (yan dou fu gan)
It is the famous local specialty made of dried tofu. It has been considered to be very good skin-care food. Since 300-400 years ago, it has been transported to the markets of major cities like Changsha, Wuhan, Guangzhou and even Beijing, and earned a fame nationwide.
She rice meal
The major material is sticky rice steamed with smoked meat, wild tarragon and other local wild vegetables. For Tujia minority ethnic group, it is not only for their family but also regarded as a great gift for their friends. It is also a traditional herbal meal for the locals.
Tujia wine
The local ethnic Tujia people are expert in making all kinds of wine. Tujia wine can be made from a wealth of materials, for example, brewing from sticky rice, corn, wheat and sorghum.
Chinese gooseberry
It is a kind of famous and great fruit in Zhangjiajie. When the harvest season is coming it is handy to pick Chinese gooseberry in the mountainous area. It tastes fragrant and sweet and is good to health care, because it is rich in vitamin C.


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