Juyongguan Great Wall

Juyongguan Great Wall is 60 Kilometers away from Beijing city and around 20 kilometers away from Badaling Great Wall. It is an important pass of the Great Wall with perilous terrain, and highly recommended site to visit if you plan Great Wall China tours.

Juyongguan Great Wall was built in a 15 kilometers long valley with magnificent scenery on both sides. It was listed as one of the Eight Sights of Yanjing (the old name of Beijing in ancient time) in the Jin Dynasty (around 800 years ago). Juyongguan pass is the gateway from the north to Beijing, there are not only Pan Palace (the ancient higher education institute), but also the shopping street for merchants to walk. There is not only God Temple, but also the palace for royal family. After the end of Qing Dynasty, the buildings of Juyongguan city were gradually abandoned. In order to protect the cultural relices. local government made a comprehensive restoration of the buildings in 1992, which made Juyongguan reappear its former grandeur.

juyongguan great wall gate tower

Juyongguan Great Wall Facts

-Chinese name: 居庸关长城

-Location: Juyongguan Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing 

-Time needed: 1-3 hours

-Entrance fee: Nov 1st –Mar 31st: RMB35, Apr 1st – Oct 31st: RMB40 

-Best Time: September to October 

What to See at Juyongguan Great Wall

Juyongguan Great Wall is one of the three most famous passes along the Great Wall, together with Jiayuguan in Gansu province and Shanhaiguan in Hebei province. There is a plaque of “the greatest pass in the world” on the gate tower of the Pass. In the center of Juyongguan castle, there is an exquisitely carved white marble platform called “Cloud Platform (Yuntai)”. This white marble platform was built in 1345 AD, and it was originally the base of buildings, the buildings were destroyed by fire and only the marble base remains. There are bodhisattvas statue inside, which is beautiful and unique. After buying ticket at the gate the Juyongguan pass, you will enter the scenic area and there are many cultural attractions to see, such as Guandi Temple, Diecui Academey, Biaozhong Temple and so on. It usually takes two to three hours to climb up to the beacon tower on the Great Wall. Standing on the top, you can see one of famous Eight Sights of Yanjing (the old name of Beijing in ancient time)-“Juyong Diecui”. Among several sections of Great Wall in Beijing, Juyongguan is the closest to the downtown area of Beijing. If you don’t have enough time for Beijing trip, Juyongguan is a good place to go.

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juyongguan great wall cloud platform

Major Juyongguan Great Wall Attractions

Cloud Platform

In the center of Juyongguan castle, there is an exquisitely carved white marble platform called “Cloud Platform (Yuntai)”. There used to be towers and temples on top of the platform, but they were destroyed by fire and only the marble base remains. An arched doorway penetrates the platform. On the walls of the doorway, statues of four heavenly gods and sutra scriptures were carved. 

City God Temple

The City God Temple of Juyongguan was built in 1368-1397 AD, and was renovated in 1765, this is a large group of Temple buildings. The City God is the God who guards the city according to Taoism. Taoism believes that the City God can crack down the evil, protect the city and pacify the people, and respond to people’s demands. It is believed to have the power of bringing rainfall in drought and sunny days when flood comes. So the temple was built here, wishing the country be prosperous and the people at peace. In addition to protecting city, the purpose of building Town God’s Temple here is to restrain the army and the people.  

Luo Tong Memorial Temple 

Luo Tong Memorial Temple is located in the southwest of Juyongguan Pass, with a construction area of 159 square meters. this temple was built to commemorate Luo Tong’s contributions. Luo Tong Memorial Temple is a courtyard architecture, sitting in the west and facing the east. There is a stone inscription “Biaozhong Temple” on the wall beside the gate of the temple. He was ordered to guard Juyong Pass in the year of 1449. In October of the same year, Juyongguan pass was attacked by Mongolian army (more than 30,000 people). Under to command of Luo Tong, Juyongguan was saved and so was the capital Beijing. Luo Tong was awarded by the emperor, and then set up a memorial temple to commemorate him in Hongzhi years. 

Horse God’s Temple 

Horse God’s is in the southwestern part of Juyongguan. This small temple was built in A.D. 1504, rebuilt in A.D.1792 to worship the Horse God. As we know, battle horses are very important in a war in ancient times, the worship of horse god is for the health, prosperity and fighting power of horse. In Sui, Tang, Song and Liao Dynasty, there was an official system of worshipping horse god. 

juyongguan great wall hiking

How to Get to Juyongguan Great Wall

1. Bus: Take bus No.919 from Deshengmen bus station, the last stop is Juyongguan Great Wall. 

2. Train: Take subway to get to Huoying Station, and exit from G5. Walking about 15 minutes to Huangtudian Rail Station, take the train S2 to Badaling Rail Station, and then take a free shuttle bus to Badaling Bus Station, take bus 879 to Juyongguan. Please note the train tickets cannot be reserved in advance, you can only buy ticket at the ticket window on the same day.

3. Private car: Easy Tour China can arrange private Beijing tour to Juyongguan Great Wall which will be more comfortable and convenient.

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