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Panshan Mountain   

Located 120 kilometers away from Tianjin and 90 kilometers away from Beijing, Panshan Scenic Area is in the 12 km northwest of Jixian County, covering 106 km2. Mt. Panshan stands in the east of Beijing, so it is also called the No. 1 Mountain in the Capital's East. It has an area of 20 square kilometers and its highest peak is 858 meters above the sea level.

Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty loved traveling incognito to Yangtze Riverg Delta area, he once claimed that there was no need to go to the south, if he had known Mt. Panshan was so beautiful.

The best scenery of Mt. Panshan is the pine forests at the top, the strange rocks at the middle and the streams at the foot of the mountain. In Panshan Scenic Area, the spot of interest lies everywhere including the natural landscape and historical structures. Just owing to its stunning views, emperors of different dynasties have visited here, and many Buddhist temples were built on the mountain. The four major ones are Tiancheng Tmeple, Yunzhao Temple, Wanfo Temple and Wansong Temple.

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