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What to See
  • Tianjin Yili Dairy Co., Ltd
    Tianjin Yili Dairy Co., Ltd

    China's dairy giant Yili Group set up a huge milk-processiong plant in North China - Tianjin Yili Dairy Co., Ltd - in May 2010. It is a key producti ...

  • Tianjin Seagull Watch Co., Ltd
    Tianjin Seagull Watch Co., Ltd

    China's first watch was created in 1955; and now, the watchmaker has developed into China's largest watch industry company - Tianjin Seagull Watch C ...

  • Airbus Tianjin Assembly Plant
    Airbus Tianjin Assembly Plant

    France-based aircraft manufacturer Airbus opened its first non-European aircraft assembly plant in the port city of Tianjin in 2008, that is, Airbus ...

  • Yangliuqing Ancient Town
    Yangliuqing Ancient Town

    Yangliuqing is a millennium ancient town which lies in the western suburb of Tianjin. It is famous for the unique craftsmanship of New Year pictures ...

  • Porcelain House
    Porcelain House

    What if a western-style mansion decorated with Chinese porcelains which are hundreds and thousand of years old? Nevertheless, what beyond anyone's w ...

  • Tianjin TV & Radio Tower
    Tianjin TV & Radio Tower

    Built in 1991 at a cost of $45 million, the 415-meters Tianjin TV & Radio Tower is a member (10th tallest) of the World Federation of Great Towe ...

  • Five Great Avenues
    Five Great Avenues

    Renowned as “World Building Exposition”, Five Great Avenue in Tianjin is the most attractive humanities tourism destination which fully shows the ...

  • Dabei Monastery
    Dabei Monastery

    Situated on the northeast side of Tianwei Road Hebei District, Dabei Buddhist Monastery is one of the largest and well preserved temples in Tianjin. ...

  • Dagu Fort
    Dagu Fort

    Located in the southern bank of Hai River in Tanggu area, 60km southeast of Tianjin city, the Dagu Fort (also known as Taku Forts) was built in 1816 ...

  • Ancient Culture Street
    Ancient Culture Street

    Ancient Culture Street is lying in Nankai District at the west bank of Hai River, covering 22,000 m2 and being 580 m long. It was built in 1986 and ...

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