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Tianjin Introduction

ancient cultural street tianjinTianjin is one of China's four municipalities under the direct administration of central government. It is an international port city and the largest seaside city in the North of China, 137 km away from Beijing, the capital of China.

Tianjin is a birthplace of modern industry of China: the first wrist watch, bicycle and television in New China were all made here. Since 1980s, Tianjin has turned itself into an important industrial base in North China. Tianjin is also a transportation hub with railway, waterway (sea and river), highway and airway connecting other major cities in China and outside the country.

Tianjin is a well known city with a long history and abundant resources. Panshan Mountain, the No. 1 Mountain in Capital's East; Dule Temple, one of the oldest wooden structures in China; Ancient Culture Street, full of ancient Chinese culture and Tianjin custom. More surprises are waiting for your exploration.

The weather in spring and autumn are mild and are better seasons to visit Tianjin. The anural average temperature is 13 ℃, July being the hottest with 26 ℃ and January being the coldest with -4 ℃.

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