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Dule Temple   

Located inside the western gate of Jixian County of Tianjin Municipality, Dule Temple is also called Dafo Temple. First built in Tang Dynasty, it is one of the oldest and best-preserved tall wooden structures in China. The temple consists of east, west and central parts with monks' rooms and Xanadus in the east and west parts, and the temple gate and the Kwan-yin Pavilion in the central part. The present temple gate and Kwan-yin Pavilion were built in Liao Dynasty (916-1125); other major structures were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Passing the temple gate through stairs up to the north, there is a three-storied wooden pavilion with 5 bays wide, 4 bays deep and 23 meters high. It is the oldest extant pavilion architecture in China. On the pedestal at the center of the pavilion stands a Kwan-yin statue of 16 meters high. The Dule Temple is the masterpiece of ancient Chinese wooden architecture, and its superb architectural techniques made it endure many intense earthquakes but still stand there intact.

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