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Bangchuidao Scenic Area   

9 km from downtown, Bangchuidao Scenic Area finds its location at the east end of Binghai Road. Sandwiched by mountains in the north, and blue sea and soft sand beaches in the south, it is regarded as the most famous swimming beach in Dalian. Since 1960s, the national government leaders began to enjoy their holidays here at Bangchuidao Hotel - the state guesthouse in the resort (the only one in Dalian). Standing at the beach, visitors can also see the Bangchuidao Islet 600 meters offshore, which was named after its shape, like an ancient washing tool (Bangchui) by Chinese ladies. Covering only 0.3 square kilometers, the tiny islet features steep cliffs, craggy stones, blossoming flowers and singing birds. It makes an ideal choice for a summer vacation due to the mild climate, white sand beaches, clear water and peaceful environment.

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