Guangzhou Zoo

animals in zooSituated in the east part of Middle Xian Lie Road, Guangzhou Zoo is one of the three largest zoos in China(the other two being the Beijing Zoo and Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo), with an area of over 42 hectares (about 100 acres) and more than 5,000 animals that belong to over 400 species. Guangzhou Zoo also has the largest overland ocean exhibition house and the largest butterfly ecology garden in China. It receives an annual visit of about 4 million visitors from all over the world. With a development history of 50 years, Guangzhou Zoo has become a diversified place for animal exhibition, science education and entertainment now. This also helped it to expand its area and become more suitable for the animals, with 5000 animals roaming freely and comfortably.

According to the layout of zoological classification, the animals inside are exhibited in three separate districts namely the Bird Paradise, Garden of Reptiles and Amphibians, and the Central Exhibition District. The Bird Paradise inhabits over hundred different kinds of birds and fowls while the Garden of Reptiles and Amphibians has a good number of fish and reptile species.

guangzhou zooIn Central Exhibition District mammals are major members, including lions, tigers, monkeys, hippos, pandas, dogs, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, zebras, deer, etc. According to different categories, animals in the zoo are displayed in different areas, such as the insects, reptiles and amphibians, birds, primates, felines, and herbivores. In addition, endangered and exclusive-in-China species like pandas, golden monkeys, and South China tigers, and rare ones like the world's shortest horse also house here. The new attractions that have enjoyed high popularity are the Goldfish Garden, Dinosaur World, Animal Performance, Butterfly World, and Lake Scenery.

The opening time is 08:00-16:30 (April 16th to October 15th), 08:00-16:00 (October 16th to April 15th).

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