Lianhuashan Park

park sceneryLianhuashan Park is located in the north of Shenzhen city, occupying an area of 166.14 hectares. It is a popular resort in the city with enchanting landscape and refreshing environment. Mt.Lotus (Lianhuashan) is neither grand nor steep, with a height of only 106 meters. Nevertheless, it enables the visitors to enjoy the pleasure of climbing while stay from the tiredness of heights. Main attractions of the park are Adventure Playground, Fishing, Kite Square and Guanshanyue Art Gallery.

In the center of the Kite Square stands the Shenzhen Xiaoping Comrade Bronze Statue. It was built in memory of the pre-chairman Deng Xiaoping, the general designer of Chinese reform and opening up to the outside world who established Shenzhen as the special economic zone. Another attraction of the square is surely the colorful kites. Everyone is such a skilled kite-flyer that rarely any tangles and crashes can be seen. Various kites, big or small, high or low, are flying freely in the blue sky, consisting of unique scenery.

Every year when summer comes, Lianhuashan Park will take on its most beautiful dress. Hundreds of thousand of phoenix flowers blooming all over the mountain, making it a splendid red ocean. Moreover, Lianhuashan Park is the perfect place that provides the stunning vista from atop Lianhua Mountain.

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