Longsheng Food and Restaurants

baked bamboo rice longshengLongsheng, famous for its amazing natural beauty and ethnic culture, has some local traditional dishes that you won't forget once you tasted them. In many local farmers' home, you will have the chance to taste the sweet Rice Wine, fragrant Rice in Bamboo and wind-dry fish among other local dishes.

Rice Wine is a kind of sweet wine made from glutinous rice brewed with a very pristine way. Nearly every household in ethnic villages make rice wine. Fermented glutinous rice is put into the wooden basket, and then braised on fire. The wine will stream down from the bamboo inserted in the middle of the wooden basket. When the pot is filled with the white-color wine, you can smell the dense aroma of the wine. The water for brewing the wine is drawn from the streams outside of the village, so the wine combines the gentleness of water and the fragrance of flower. It can also drive away the cold and dampness in the human body.

The bamboos are cut into sections of around 35 cm, and put into stream-soaked glutinous rice, together with wind-dry meat, peanuts, sour bamboo shoots and some other ingredients filled from a small hole. The hole is sealed with sweet potatoes and then the bamboo section is burned on small fire. After 30 to 40 minutes, the rice is ready with faint fragrance of bamboo.

Streams outside the village are really transparent coming out from remote mountains. As there are many cobbles in the streams, the small fishes are also called cobble fish. They are very easy to catch. The fish are first wind dried and preserved. Then the last step is to sauté the fish with capsicum and garlic shoots. The fish tastes hot and acetous with fragrant flavor, being an appetizing dish with rice.


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