Shigatse Food and Restaurants

shigatse foodThere is no big difference between the food in Shigatse and rest of Tibet. With the improvement of living standard, the local people have more and more access to beef and mutton. Tsangpa is the staple food of the Tibetans, which is roasted barley flour mixed with butter.

The local famous snack is called Pungbi, which is only available in Shigatse. It is kind of jellied Toufu mixed with other seasonings like minced meat, chili, curry and oil. Traditionally local people eat it with their bare hands and fingers.

The restaurants in Shigatse are mainly located at North Jiefang Road and Qomolangma Road (Zhufeng Dong Road), visitors can not only try the local Tibetan food, but also the spicy Sichuan food as well.

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