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Shirgatse or Xigatse, is the hub of the road network between Lhasa, Nepal and western Tibet. It is the base for some great natural sites and grand monasteries: Mt. Everest, Tashihunpo Monastery, Palkor Chode Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Shalu Monastery, Rongbuk Monastery, Pala Manor, and so forth.

Just follow the pious pilgrim's footprints and experience the mysterious land, Shigatse! Below are some adventure trips designed to satisfy your desire to explore within the land of Tibet. 
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Shigatse is one of the most attractive areas in Tibet with vast grasslands, snow-capped mountains and fabulous monasteries. During the 3-day trip, enjoy a lifetime experience on the roof the world, from magnificent Tashilunpo Monastery to world's highest mountain –Mt. Everest.

Duration: 3 days & 2 nights

Destinations: Shigatse

Starting Point: Shigatse

Ending Point: Shigatse

Shigatse Attractions More

  • Tashilhunpo Monastery
    Tashilhunpo Monastery

    Located on the southern slope of Nyima Mountain, west of Shigatse city, Tashilhunpo Monastery is the largest one of Gelugpa sect in Rear Tibet, and ...

  • Palkhor Monastery
    Palkhor Monastery

    With an elevation of 3900 meters above sea level, Palkhor Monastery (also known as Pelkhor Choede) is located in the northeast of Gyantse, 230 km so ...

  • Shalu Monastery
    Shalu Monastery

    Shalu' means 'new bud' in Tibetan Language. 25 km southeast of Shigatse, Shalu Monastery is the first temple of Shalu sect (there were about 10 diff ...

  • Sakya Monastery
    Sakya Monastery

    Some 180 km southwest of Shigatse, Sakya Monstery is the most important monastery of the Sakyapa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibetan, Sakya means ' ...

  • Mt. Everest Area
    Mt. Everest Area

    Also called Qomolangma by Tibetans, Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. In 2005, the Chinese government declared its latest elevation: ...

  • Zhangmu Town
    Zhangmu Town

    Lay in the southern piedmont of the median Himalayas, about 776 km away from the capital of Tibet Lhasa, Zhangmu Town is famous as a port which bord ...

  • Dzong Fortress
    Dzong Fortress

    Dzong architecture is a distinctive type of fortress architecture found in the present and former Buddhist kingdoms of the Himalayas: Bhutan and Tib ...

  • Pala Manor
    Pala Manor

    Ten minutes' driving from Gyangtse, Pala Manor is the best preserved manor of a slaveholder family in Tibet. It provides a valuable insight into the ...

Shigatse | Food & Restaurants More

There is no big difference between the food in Shigatse and rest of Tibet. With the improvement of living standard, the local people have more and more access to beef and mutton. Tsangpa is the staple food of the Tibetans, which is roasted barley flour mixed with butter.The local famous snack is called Pungbi, which is only available in Shigatse. It is kind of jellied Toufu mixed with other seasonings like minced meat, chili, curry and oil. Traditionally local people eat it with their bare hands and fingers.The restaurants in Shigatse are mainly locate ... More

Shigatse | Weather & Climate More

Shigatse has a highland continental climate; most of the region is dry all year round except the part south of Himalaya Mountain. The climate here features long sunlit period, strong ultra-violet radiation, low temperature and distinct rainy (May - September) and dry (October - April) seasons. The yearly average temperature is 6.3 degree Celsius with an annual rainfall of 422.4 mm. More

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Shigatse Travel Tips More

Shigatse Best Travel TimeShigatse has a semi-arid, highland continental climate with average temperature of 6.3 C (43.34 F). It coldest months is from November to April, with temperature is quite low while June and July is considered as the rainy season. The best travel time to this area is from April to June.Shigatse Safety TipsRight located in the Tibet Highland, Shigatse is high above the sea level and there is a considerable risk of altitude sickness, especially you fly into Lhasa and your body doesn’t have much time to get used to it. Certain dru ... More

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