Most Popular Vegetarian Chinese Food

China boasts a vast territory. Climate and vegetation vary greatly from north to south, east to west, which played an indispensable role in the body constitutions and their diet of the people from different areas. This is why there are so many different cuisines and numerous dishes in China.

Generally speaking, the vegetarian cuisine type is heavily affected by the cooking style in the area. If you go to Beijing (North China) and try the local veg food, the traditional dishes look browner cooked with kind of starch thickened sauce and vinegar, and taste a little saltier. In East China, the local cooks have much more different types of food materials when cooking. It is said that the vegetarian food culture was originally well-developed in this area. Then it was introduced to other parts of China. Based on the preferred taste of locals, the veg food in East China is sweeter and less salty here.

Meat-like Vegan food

(Meat-like Dish)

In West China like muggy Sichuan, the local veg food is spicy and salty as Chinese believe that chili and pepper can keep damp away from human body and make people healthier. While in South China like Guangdong province, the locals emphasize on the freshness and original flavor of the materials. The veg food here is also featured with soup and porridge, which is said to be beneficial to the stomach.

If embarking a vegan food tour to China, you can taste a wide spectrum of vegetarian dishes. Just make sure you find the best vegetarian restaurant in each city of China.

Popular vegan or vegetarian dishes in different parts of China 

North China

青椒土豆丝 (qīngjiāo tǔdòu sī) – Shredded potato with green pepper, lightly salted and fried with oil and vinegar.

地三鲜 (dì sān xiān) – Stir-fried chopped eggplant, green pepper and potato braised with soy sauce.

Tofu Dish

(Tofu Dish)

East China

素酱肉 (sù jiàng ròu) – Steamed sliced gluten with yam root, sugar, salt and sesame oil.

桂花糖藕 (guìhuā tángǒu) – Sliced lotus roots preserved in osmanthus syrup

South China

荷塘月色 (hétáng yuèsè) – fried sliced lotus roots with wood ear, snow pea, carrot.

双菇扒菜胆 (shuānggū pácàidǎn) – Blanched Cantonese cabbage with mushrooms and sauce.

West China

鱼香茄子 (yúxiāng qiézi) – Braised eggplant with spicy garlic sauce, vegetarian style.

麻辣豆腐 (málà dòufu) – Braised Tofu of Sichuan style with hot spicy sauce.

eggplant with garlic sauce

(Eggplant with Garlic Sauce)

Other dishes

红烧茄子 (hóngshāo qiézi) - Braised eggplant in brown sauce

清炒木耳山药 (qīngchǎo mùěr shānyao) – sautéed sliced yam root with wood ear.

If you had any tasty veg dishes in China, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We will share the useful information with others. Thank you!


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