How to make Chinese Kites

paint the kiteImmerse yourself in the history of Chinese kites then it is time to learn how to make a kite now! The making process is considered an art from in China and has been passed down for generations. Follow the easy steps below and make a Chinese kite with children or parents, flying a handmade item on the end of string in warm spring days sounds cool!

Chinese kite making involves using bamboo and silk to make incredible kites that can range in size from a postcard to kites many feet long and wide. And here are the basic materials: Ribbon, Paint Brushes, Kite or bridle string, Silk or paper, Paint, Bamboo or wooden rods. 

1. After deciding the shape of the kite, select straight dried bamboo sticks to create the frame of the item. Please set the knots are as far as possible.

2.  Butcher Paper and treated silk is used to create the frame, cutting them into desired shapes and sizes. Decorate the Butcher paper first before frame it to avoid tears and wrinkles.

3. Attach the silk/paper to the frame by looping the fabric over the bamboo and using a zigzag stitch. Paper or plastic can be glued to the frame.

fly a kite4. Link the Chinese kite sections using kite or bridle string to connect the bridles together

5. Decorate the kite by using paint or fabric makers, anyway, just decorate it with your imaginations.

6. Add more flare to your Chinese kit. Produce several dragon or centipede rings at once by coiling a 5 cm. piece of bamboo into a pot of the desired diameter. The ends should overlap about 2 cm. Fill the pot with water just below the bamboo. Cover the pot and boil for about 30 minutes. Let the bamboo cool and cut into thin strips. Glue the overlapping ends.

The last step is to flying the kite outdoors and adjusts the whole set according to the wind. Try to improve in the process of flying and have more fun!

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