Chinese knots

Chinese knot is an ancient folk art form in China; a simple but charming knot made of colorful silk thread that can bring good luck to its owner. This handcraft could date back Zhou Dynasty, developed in the Tang and Song Dynasties, popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is often used to express good wishes, including happiness, prosperity, love and the absence of evil.

Chinese Knot features that every knot is made of a single rope and named by its specific form and meaning. By combining different knots with other adornments skillfully, a unique auspicious Chinese knot with many wishes is formed. For example, "Happiness & Longevity", "Luck and Auspiciousness “and "Wish you a fair wind". They all are Chinese traditional warmest regards, best wishes. The logo for Beijing's bid to host the 2008 Olympics was based on a traditional knot craft design.

Today, people are fond of Chinese Knot for its characteristic form, colorfulness and profound meaning. Most commonly, the knot is used either as a hanging decoration, such as, in the home or car, or on the body like ring, earrings, hand chain or necklace.

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Culture of Chinese knots

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