Harbin Ice & Snow World

When you take a trip to Harbin in winter, the Ice and Snow World is the place where you couldn’t miss! It has offered different theme shows since 1999 when it was first built. The sponsor invests several billions of CNY to create this freezing wonderland; how breathtaking the scale is! As its popularity rising, millions of visitors from home and abroad come for it every year. Now Ice & Snow has become the name card of the city.

As you marvel at the vivid ice and snow sculpture of world’s famous architectures or cartoon characters, you can also enjoy the figure skating shows, exotic dance and acrobatics from Russia and other countries on your Harbin tour.


- In Chinese: 哈尔滨冰雪大世界

- Address: Harbin Ice & Snow World, west of Sun Island, Songbei District, Harbin

- Opening hours: 11:00 - 21:00 (Ice & Snow World in winter); 14:00 – 22:30 (Harbin International Beer Festival in summer)

- Best time to visit: June - August to join Harbin International Beer Festival; the end of December - February to visit Harbin Ice & Snow World

- Ticket Price in 2023/2024: RMB180 (for Harbin Ice & Snow World); RMB20 (for Harbin International Beer Festival)

- Discount ticket Price in 2023/2024: RMB120 (for seniors between 60 and 65), Children under 12 and diabled people

Why people celebrate - History & Development

Founded in 1999, China Harbin Ice & Snow World was held by the government to welcome the new century of the Divine Land. Taking advantages of Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival, the sponsor launched this grand ice & snow quality project to show the charm of snow and the snow culture with Harbin, the representative northern city of China, building an “Ice & Snow Disneyland” on Songhua River.

By 2019, Harbin Ice & Snow World celebration had been held 20 times. Each time, the sponsor invited different artists and carving masters, created various theme parks and exciting activities. Combining with other countries, the Ice & Snow World with Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival shows visitors from all over the world multi-culture with snow and ice. It has been the best place to visit for a Harbin vacation.

Summer Event - Harbin International Beer Festival

As the top 3 beer festivals in China, Harbin International Beer Festival has been held for 16 times successfully. When beer meets the World Cup, what an exciting event! The combination of watching and participating will surely impress you, leaving you an unbelievable Harbin Beer Festival and World Cup experience. Venues of Harbin International Beer Festival are upgraded every year. With the beer house area, RV camping area, interactive experience area and interactive performing arts area as the main sites, visitors can deeply experience beer culture and contact with the world performance without distance.

Performance and activities are various and exciting here, in addition to the international fashion shows, there are also DJ band competition, outdoor music festival, etc. In the interactive segment, the traditional beer talent competition is still retained, and the World Cup related games are added, so that visitors can participate in various forms of beer festival. Don't miss it if you love beer or plan a summer holiday to Harin.

What to Do in Winter – Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival

Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival is the most grand and influenced event in winter in China or even the world, and Harbin Ice & Snow World is one of the main venues. As the core venue, you can not only enjoy the magnificent scale of snow scenery and ice sculptures, but also experience the ice activities and snow shows. A whole day visiting in Ice & Snow World is suggested.

Century Light Tower, it’s the highest and the most significant architecture of Harbin Ice & Snow World. It was made of twenty layers of ice, representing the continuously exploration of the Ice & Snow World and the hope for the future.

Exciting grand slide, the ACE game of the Ice & Snow World, owns the longest ice slide in the world. It has been upgraded in 2021 winter from a length of 320 meters to 423 meters, the height difference is equivalent to 7 floors. The average speed from the top is similar to men 100m world record. There are also middle slide and small slide suitable for children's entertainment. Shuttling through multiple groups of snow circles, it creates an exciting and dreamlike entertainment space for tourists.

Ice and Snow European Show is the most watched show during the Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival. Dancing with snow in the air, glissading on the ice, breathtaking acrobatics and ornate garment will make you memorable.

How to get there?

If you want to stroll around the Central Street in the morning or afternoon, after that you can take a taxi to the Ice & Snow World scenic area. It will take around RMB20-30.

Distance and driving time from Airport and Train Stations to Harbin Ice-Snow World:

Harbin Ice-Snow World <----> Harbin Train Station      12km /  25min

Harbin Ice-Snow World <-----> Harbin West Station     13km / 30min

Harbin Ice-Snow World <-----> Harbin Taiping Airport     39km / 50min

Taking bus is also convenient in Harbin downtown. Bus 29, 42, 43, 47, 80, 119, 125, 126, 127, 211, 212, 213, 215, 216, 219, 223, 225, 226, 346, 552 and Airport Shuttle Bus Line 4 can bring you to the Ice & Snow World Station.

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