Qinglong Cave Ancient Complex

Located in east of Zhengyuan town (160 east of Kaili), Qinglong Cave Area is well-known for the ancient complex blended with the features of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. If Zhenyuan town is a cultural vortex, Qinglong cave is its heart. It is also a miniature of culture in Zhenyuan town.

Qinglong Cave Complex was first built in Ming dynasty with a 500-year-old history, which has been destroyed and rebuilt several time. It covers 21,000 square meters including 36 buildings, which consist of cave, school, Buddhist and Taoist temple, etc. All the whole buildings have been integrated with architecture styles of Han and minorities of southwest. It is also titled as "Temples hanging in the air" in Southwest of China.

Qinglong Cave is the largest ancient complex in Guizhou province. In 1988, it has been listed in "National Ancient Spots Under Key Protection".

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