Kaili Food and Restaurants

Sour soup fishSoutheast of Guizhou is home to pickled food ('Suan' called by locals), which is very popular at the daily life of the locals. Almost every family prepares the pickled food all year round. In history, the area lack of salt supply, therefore, the local people use the pickles to make up for the flavor. Besides, the local pickles are said to enhance the appetite, help digestion and curb diarrhea. Tourists can enjoy the snack in Qingpin Road that is the famous snack and restaurant street.

Sour soup fish (suan tang yu)
The food has been more than thousand years in southeast of Guizhou. Its main materials are sour soup and different kinds of fish. The dish is served in a hotpot ('Huo Guo' in Chinese). All the materials are required to be fresh. When the soup with abundant ingredients is boiled, the fish can be put into the pot. It tastes delicious and spicy.

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