Bailang Oasis Wetlands Park

Bailang Oasis Wetlands Park is a national 4A scenic spot located on the upper reaches of Bailang River, the main river in Weifang. Flowing from the Bailang River Reservoir in the south, and from Baotong Street in the north, the Wetlands Park is 6.7 km long and 1.5 km wide on average, with an area of over 10 sq km.

Bailang Oasis Wetlands Park is divided into three major parts as leisure areas, wetlands science area and cultural park. With good wetlands ecosystem, it has attracted by far more than 30 species of wild birds to settle and inhabit, including egrets, pheasants, wide ducks, magpies, doves, woodpeckers and so on. Wandering in the Whitecaps Oasis Wetland Park, visitors are likely to have a feeling of getting into a wild forest.


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