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No.1 Bathing Beach   

There are seven public beaches in Qingdao. Located at Huiquan Bay, No. 1 bathing beach is the biggest and among the top. As one of the largest bathing beaches in China, it attracts a lot of visitors both at home and abroad along its shoreline during the summer. It is famous for its smooth beach, thin sands, clear water, and calm waves.

This bathing beach is well equipped. It offers showers, restaurants, ballrooms, bars, cafes and so on. Besides, To ensure visitors' security when swimming, a security monitoring system has been established, which covers the whole beach. July, August and September is the best time to visit. Visitors can spend a wonderful summer in the beach. Other six beaches are also popular, but smaller and quieter than the first one.

As Qingdao has become the co-host of 2008 Beijing Olympic Summer Games, more and more international tourists will get to know the famous summer beach resort in China.

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