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Perched on the southern seaboard of Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is well-known to the west by its postal map spelling Tsingtao. The city boasts western style buildings, as well as modern architectures and charming natural scenery.

With its cool sea breezes, fresh air and delicious seafood; Qingdao is where more people come to build sand castles and dream of retirement. Qingdao is also the host city of sail-boating of the 2008 Summer Olympics, and the other main drawing for visitors is the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival.
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A 3-day sightseeing tour in and around Qingdao, for the picturesque scenery of Mt. Lao, seaside fun of Zhan Qiao, and "Museum of World Architecture" - Badaguan Scenic Area.
The 4-day Qingdao trip presents all highlights, from the holy Taoist mountain - Mt. Lao, famous Badaguan Scenic Area, to No. 1 Bathing Beach for seaside activities.

Qingdao Hotels More

  • Beach Castle Hotel Qingdao
    Beach Castle Hotel Qingdao

    Beach Castle Hotel is in a courtyard, villa style with a direct sea view. Its continental European-style structure and environmentally decorated int ...

  • Hotel Ibis Qingdao Donghai
    Hotel Ibis Qingdao Donghai

    Ibis Qingdao Donghai is conveniently located for travellers. It offers easy access to local attractions including the Zhan Bridge,Wusi Square, Mount ...

  • Overseas Chinese International Hotel Qingdao
    Overseas Chinese International Hotel Qingdao

    Staying at Overseas Chinese International can give you a comfort for your Qingdao holidays.  The hotel features practical guestrooms and suites ...

  • Huake Holiday Hotel Qinghai
    Huake Holiday Hotel Qinghai

    Being the ideal choice for discerning travelers, this ocean-style Qingdao hotel features a European decorative scheme. Within the rooms, Continental ...

  • Qingdao Ocean Hotel
    Qingdao Ocean Hotel

    Ocean Hotel Qingdao is an international 4-star hotel and the first hotel certified according to ISO 9002 standards in Shandong Province.

  • The Castle Boutique Hotel Qingdao
    The Castle Boutique Hotel Qingdao

    Originally built in 1903, the Castle Boutique Hotel Qingdao(Clearsea Arts Hotel Qingdao) is with German William architecture style.It is a rare Germ ...

  • Zhanqiao Prince Hotel Qingdao
    Zhanqiao Prince Hotel Qingdao

    Zhanqiao Prince Hotel, designed by a famous Germany architect, was established in 1911 and was known as " the best hotel in Asia".Redecorated in 200 ...

  • Crowne Plaza Qingdao
    Crowne Plaza Qingdao

    Standing 36 stories high above the city, the Crowne Plaza is a modern hotel featuring state-of-the-art facilities. Step inside Crowne Plaza Qingdao' ...

Qingdao Attractions More

  • The Pier (Zhan Qiao)
    The Pier (Zhan Qiao)

    Known as the symbol of Qingdao, the Zhan Qiao Pier lies in the south of Qingdao at Qingdao Bay. It was first built in 1892 and rebuilt in 1931. The ...

  • Lao Mountain
    Lao Mountain

    Facing the Yellow Sea, Lao Mountain is situated about 30km the east of Qingdao. With its summit of 1133 m above the sea, it covers 446 km2 and a wel ...

  • No.1 Bathing Beach
    No.1 Bathing Beach

    There are seven public beaches in Qingdao. Located at Huiquan Bay, No. 1 bathing beach is the biggest and among the top. As one of the largest bathi ...

  • Badaguan Scenic Area
    Badaguan Scenic Area

    Located in the east of Qingdao in Shandong province, Badaguan Scenic Area is a famous sanitarium area in China, covering around 70 hectares.It is na ...

  • Qingdao International Beer Festival
    Qingdao International Beer Festival

    First launched in 1991, Qingdao International Beer Festival has become the most important yearly event in the city. It opens in the second weekend o ...

  • Qingdao Beer Museum
    Qingdao Beer Museum

    Qingdao Beer Museum, also called Tsingtao Brewery Museum, is the unique beer museum build by Tsingtao Beer Brewery. Built in 1903, Qingdao Beer Muse ...

  • Polar Ocean World
    Polar Ocean World

    Composed of Polar Ocean Animals Museum, Ocean Technology Museum, Bars and Catering Street, sea view shops, four-star sea view hotel and fisherman's ...

  • Qingdao Underwater World
    Qingdao Underwater World

    Surrounded by reefs, Qingdao Underwater World combines the resources of Qingdao Aquarium, taxidermy hall, and fresh water aquarium, with natural sea ...

Qingdao | Food & Restaurants More

Located by Yellow Sea (Huang Hai) abundant of seafood, Qingdao is famous for seafood. The local cuisine emphasizes on freshness and tenderness of food. Compared with other cuisines in North China, the flavor here is lighter and mild. The most well-known restaurants are Qingdao Restaurant (Qingdao Fandian) and Chunhelou Restaurant. There are also plenty of international restaurants for your options like Itialian, German, Janpanese and Korean styles.Qingdao is also a world of beer. The most famous beer in China - Tsingtao Beer is produced in this city. I ... More

Qingdao | Weather & Climate More

The climate here is characterized by 4 distinct seasons, moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine. It is short in summer and long in winter. The average temperature in summer is 23 ℃, the August being the hottest with 25 ℃. Summers see the city packed with visitors, making spring and fall better times to visit, if you hope to avoid the crowds. Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June ... More

Qingdao Travel Tips More

Best travel time QingdaoThe climate of Qingdao is temperate monsoon with 4 distinct seasons, moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine. Summer is short and not so hot while winter is long and cold. The best time to travel Qingdao is from end of March to early November. It is recommended to avoid the peak season in summer.Qingdao Shopping TipsRecommended products in Qingdao: seashell carving, seafood products, seashells, Laoshan mineral water, Laoshan Cola, Tsingtao beer and Korean products in kinds of storesEating in QingdaoThere is abundant seafood in c ... More

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