Minsk World

Minsk World is a military-themed park based on a retired aircraft carrier, the Minsk, which was built in the former Soviet Union and was once the world's fifth largest of its kind. Moored at Dapeng Bay now, the vessel houses a military museum highlighting a MiG-23 fighter and other aircrafts. There are also regular Russian dance shows and honor guard performances.

The Minsk Aircraft Carrier covers an area of 30,000 ㎡. The famous Soviet MiG-23 aircraft-fighter and Mi-24 military helicopters are on display on the first deck, tour guides dressed in mock-military uniforms educate visitors about the helicopters and the fighter onboard. While on the second deck, at the rebuilt crew's living area, you will have a glimpse of the naval life. There are also exhibitions on sailing, aviation and space flight as well as some activities. The mimic warfare allows visitors to experience the operation of hi-tech military weapons. Traditional Russian dances and performances are on the list of attractions on the ship.

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