Palkhor Monastery

With an elevation of 3900 meters above sea level, Palkhor Monastery (also known as Pelkhor Choede) is located in the northeast of Gyantse, 230 km south of Lhasa, and 100 km east of Shigatse. Chinese Han called it 'Baiju Monastery'. It was first built in 1427; the project lasted for 10 year to complete. The temple is an architectural masterpiece of typical Lamaseries at Rear Tibet constructed during the period from the end of 13th century to mid 15th century.

The uniqueness is that the monastery houses 3 different sects of Tibetan Buddhism: Sakyapa, Kadampa and Gelugpa under the same roof, which is a comprise and solution to the sects’ conflicts. The Main Assembly Hall have about 500-year history, the murals on the wall are ver impressive. Another highlight of this temple is 32-meter-high Kumbum Stupa (or Bodhi Dagoba), which has nine tiers and, according to the Buddhist tradition, 108 gates and 76 chapels and shrines. It has become the symbol of Palkhor Monastery.

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