Meixi Royal Stone Archways tourist area

Located in Meixi Village of Zhuhai City, Meixi Royal Stone Archways tourist area covers an area of 126,000 square meters. This area consists of 3 parts: Meixi Paifang (royal stone archways), the former residence of Chen Fang and the Chen's Garden and Cemetery.

In Chinese history, Paifang (royal stone archway) is a kind of unique and traditional culture set up to commemorate the people high-minded in virtue. The Meixi Paifang is typically one of them. It was constructed to commend Chen Fang, who was born in Meixi Village, the first Chinese consul general in Honolulu. He did many favors for the village after returning to his hometown. The emperor of Qing Dynasty Guangxu told artisans to build four Paifang for him respectively in 1886 and 1891. Only three of them are preserved through hundreds of years. The Meixi Paifang, different from other traditional Paifang, possesses the typical western-style decoration, is thus the perfect blend of traditional Chinese architecture form with western decoration style.

The former residence of Chen Fang lies on the right side of Meixi Paifang, covering an area of 5740 square meters. The residence is much like a manor with numerous plants and trees, brick-made fencing and builidings include a Chen's memorial temple, two large chambers, a hall, a villa, the Meixi temple and an ancestral temple. Now the residence allows people to appreciate the Chinese culture and local customs of Zhuhai, by featuring series of exhibitions about the history of Chen's family, Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese traditional Paifang.

With the natural beauty of Meixi Village, the Meixi Paifang Scenic Area gives visitors aunique glimpse of Chinese culture and the local custom.

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