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Located on the edge of the Pearl River, Zhuhai faces Hong Kong and Macau across the sea. charismatic scenery along the long coastline, golden beaches, waving palm trees and over 100 islands, these make Zhuhai named as “city of islands”, “garden city” and “happiness city”.
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Take a one day sightseeing tour to the beautiful coastal city - Zhuhai, with scenic spots, and historical sites.

This 3-day Zhuhai trip features all highlights in and around Zhuhai city, with distinctive Kaiping Diaolou, historical Meixi Stone Archway, stunning Shijingshan Park …

Zhuhai Attractions More

  • New Yuanming Palace
    New Yuanming Palace

    Located in Lanpu, Jiuzhou Ave, the New Yuanming Palace features a partial reconstruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, which was destroyed in ...

  • Meixi Royal Stone Archways tourist area
    Meixi Royal Stone Archways tourist area

    Located in Meixi Village of Zhuhai City, Meixi Royal Stone Archways tourist area covers an area of 126,000 square meters. This area consists of 3 pa ...

  • Agricultural Scientific Academy
    Agricultural Scientific Academy

    The Agricultural Scientific Academy is one of the top tourist destinations in Zhuhai City, offering a marvelous agricultural world with various spec ...

Zhuhai | Food & Restaurants More

Zhuhai cooking is characterized by the Cantonese cuisine of southern China, which is beautifully presented and delicately flavored. There are five basic characteristics of taste: delicious, soft, rich, dense, pliable and six flavors -sour, sweet, bitter, salty, spicy and fresh. Fresh seafood is particularly popular in this seaside area, especially oysters, crab, lobster, and grouper which are all abundant in Zhuhai. There is also a wide selection of western style and a royal feast of Chinese medicinal foods in Zhuhai because this is an agricultural are ... More

Zhuhai | Weather & Climate More

Located at 21° 48” to 22° 27” N and 113° 3” to 114° 18” E, Zhuhai has a subtropical monsoon climate. The city enjoys adequate sunshine and rainfall. The annual average temperature is 22.4 °C. The temperature in January and February is the lowest. From May to September it gets relatively hotter and more rainfall. The annual average precipitation is 1,700 to 2,300 millimeters. East wind blows all the year. However, southeast wind dominat ... More

Zhuhai Travel Tips More

Best Travel Time ZhuhaiSituated at a low latitude area among southern coast of China, Zhuhai enjoys subtropical monsoon climate, enjoying from the sufficient sunlight and rainfall. It’s always influenced by the tropical monsoon from south Asia and by thunder storms, with occasionally typhoons in summer. The rainy season in Zhuhai is from May to October so the best time to visit the city is at the half year from November to next April and it is recommended the coldest months January and February. Zhuhai Safety TipsZhuhai is a safe city with local peopl ... More

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