Agricultural Scientific Academy

The Agricultural Scientific Academy is one of the top tourist destinations in Zhuhai City, offering a marvelous agricultural world with various special fruits and vegetables as well as lovely animals. Here, accommodations, entertainment and shopping are available, and you can also enjoy some pollution-free food.

This impressive agricultural garden is located in the Meixi Village of Qianshan County, at the foot of Shuanglong Mountain. Covering an area of 1.33 square kilometers, the academy is a modern farm combining state-of-the-art growing methods while still maintaining the flavor of rural agriculture. The major scenic spots include the Rare Vegetable and Fruit Garden, Dessert Arboretum Garden, Soilless Cultivation Garden and Birdie Fairy Land.

There are also many other feature gardens as well, such as the Lotus Garden, Rose Garden, and Orchid Garden. The Academy also features the atmosphere of rustic life having an ancient loom and paddled water supplies.

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