Datang Miao Village

local residenceDatang Miao Village located about 15 kilometers from Leishan County Village in the mountainous southeastern part of Guizhou Province. It stands out from other Miao villages in the region because of the distinctive style of dress worn by Miao females in the village. The young girls and women in Datang Miao Village have worn "miniskirts" for over five hundred years, regardless how seasons and weathers change. These skirts are so short that are only over ten centimeters long.

The most eye-catching part of the tour to Datang Miao Village is the dances are held in the village square. The lushly dressed ladies wearing gorgeous and charming costume, whose total number can reach 100, move in lines and circles, forming different patterns. Adorned with silver headwear, necklaces, bangles, and anklets, their bodies become musical instruments as well, emitting a metallic melody in sync with the rhythm of their footsteps. Besides the fabulous dances, the special architecture in the village is another highlight. The barn built on the water was designed in case of fire, rodents and pests, which clearly reflect the wisdom of ancient Miao people. It is an interesting and indulging thing to see that the barn was constructed just above a reservoir in old times with traditional and subtle design. The barns in a small village of Xinqiao in Datang were heralded by dam specialists as "rare and unique".

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