Jidao Miao Village

silver accessory of Miao LadiesThere are several Miao Ethnic Group, like Short Skirt Miao, Long Skirt Miao, Silk Felting Miao and Hundred Bird Miao in Guizhou province, and Long-skirt Miao is a branch of them. Located in 25 km away from Kaili City, Jidao Long-skirt Miao Village is set in idyllic surroundings and populated by ethnic Miao people. People there are known as the Long Skirt Miao as its women wear traditional long skirts.

Jidao Long Skirt Miao Village is combined by two villages: Shangzhai and Xiazhai. Shangzhai backs to the mountains. Its front is patched drowsy fields and flowed by a bright clear river, murmuring over its pebbly bed. The village has more than 100 households and about 530 Miao people inhabit there. Xiazhai has 70 households and populated by over 460 Miao people. It features many attractions, such as the Old Geomantic Trees, time-horned granaries, the Cave of the Immortal, the Footprints of Buffalos & Horses, the Song and Dancing Square, and the ancient street. Both two villages have many traditional wooden stilt houses. The houses all look very old and well-designed. They usually have several levels, the domestic animals live in the first level and their owners live in the upper levels.

Being a generational settlement of the Long Skirt Miao, Jidao Long-skirt Miao village remains original, remote and tranquil. Its villagers are very hospitable. The guests are usually served several cup of home-made wine and offered a very wonderful show in halls or the village dancing square when they get into the entrance of the village.

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