Single Tree Forest

dai people and the treeThe Single Tree Forest is a 900-year-old Banyan tree in Daluo Town of Xishuangbanna. Due to its vantage ground, the peculiar sight of Single Tree Forest becomes a rational line that visitors are bound to follow and it is one of the most prosperous scenic spots.

It is said that a tree does not make a forest. But Single Tree Forest is an exception. Covering an area of 120 square meters with over thirty stand roots, this 70-meter-high banyan is an attractive and marvelous forest in itself. Some of the aerial roots growing from the trunk of the big banyan tree fall down to the base. They drop down along the tree, intertwist crossed and at last coil around the base of the tree. Both on the left and right side of the boughs, 32 aerial roots , big or small, grow down vertically, take root into the earth and develop into supporting roots in a tuft, resulting in an impressive scene that a single tree can grow into a forest. These straight aerial roots stand in lines, like soldiers that protect their motherland at the frontier, engendering respect from observers.

The Single Tree Forest scenery in Daluo town attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to come to watch and take pictures. None of visitors who come to Daluo will miss this odd forest.

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