Hulishan Fortress

Located at the southern tip of Xiamen Island, Hulishan Fortress is a key national historical and cultural site. Occupying an area of 13,000 square meters, this spectacular site was surrounded by walls made of granite and impressive gates.

The Hulishan Fortress was constructed in 1890. It was an important defensive factor during the war against Japanese aggression in 1900 and 1937. In 1986, platforms of yearning for return are built at the forward position of the fortress. In recent years, the fortress yard has been cleaned up and large-scale wall carvings “national soul” is newly built.

The Hulishan Fortress is composed of the barracks, the secret tunnel, commanding tower, sentry platform, the ammunition

depot, the trench, the castle, etc. The fortress displays more than 50 iron cannons of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty unearthed from the Xiamen waters and the building site of capital construction. The East and West emplacements are connected by a tunnel. There are military camps at the exits of the tunnel. As a coastal defense fortress, there is a trench outside and a patrolling path inside. Besides, there is a museum at the Fortress. The Rongguang Museum displays thousands of items of ancient weaponry and artillery of the world. You can get the message of China's modern history, the history of coastal defense, the information of Westernization Movement as well as the history of weaponry and fortresses around the world in the Rongguang Museum

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