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What to See
  • Yuchang Earth Tower
    Yuchang Earth Tower

    Yuchang Earth Building is double-ring five-line structure built in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty (1308-1338) by five clans, the Liu, Luo, Zhang, Ta ...

  • Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster
    Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster

    Tianluokeng earth building cluster is one of the better known Fujian Tulou, about four hours' drive from city Xiamen. It consists of a square earth ...

  • Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum
    Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum

    Covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters, Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum is located at 493 South Siming Road in Xiamen. Being a comprehensi ...

  • Hulishan Fortress
    Hulishan Fortress

    Located at the southern tip of Xiamen Island, Hulishan Fortress is a key national historical and cultural site. Occupying an area of 13,000 square m ...

  • Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street
    Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

    Being the heartland of Xiamen’s commercial area, Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street covers a total area of one million square meters and takes up nea ...

  • Earth Towers of Hakka
    Earth Towers of Hakka

    The Hakkas who settled in mountainous south western Fujian province in China developed unique architectural buildings called Tulou, literally meanin ...

  • Nanputuo Temple
    Nanputuo Temple

    Situated at the foot of Wulao Peak on the southern end of Xiamen, the temple's Heavenly King Hall, the main prayer hall, the Hall of Great Compassio ...

  • Jimei District
    Jimei District

    Jimei is a suburb of Xiamen City connected to Xiamen Island by a 2,212-metre long granite causeway. Jimei is also the residence of Mr. Tan Kah-kee, ...

  • Gulangyu Island
    Gulangyu Island

    Gulangyu Island, separated from Xiamen by the 500-metre-wide Egret River, with an area of 1.77 square kilometers, enjoys a laudatory title "Garden o ...

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