Hohhot Travel Tips

grassland hohhotHohhot is an ideal place to relax away from modern day pressure, for the magnificent natural beauty of the Gegentala and Xilamuren Grasslands, as well as fantastic cultural sites such as the Dazhao Temple and Xilituzhao Palace. Some travel tips are listed below for your Hohhot tour.

Best Time to Hohhot
1. The best time to visit the city is between May and September, while the best time to go to the grassland is from middle July to early September when the temperature is 15 °C(59 °F) to 25 °C(77 °F).

2. Try to plan your visit for late July, when the Naadam festivities occur at nearby Gegentala.

Body Health
One feature of the Hohhot weather is the sharp temperature swings that occur daily. The temperature often falls 10 to 15 °C at night, making long sleeved clothing useful even in the summer months.

Mongolian customs & Taboos
1. If you meet herds in the grassland, do not go through the herds; to bypass them shows respect to the herds' owner.

2. If you are treated to a bowl of milk tea by the host in a herdsman’s home, just receive the bowl with both your hands or with your right hand, for left hand is forbidden.

3. Do not touch the children's heads. It is not polite for the local people.

4. Mongolians don't like other people pointing at their heads with tobacco pipes, knives, scissors and chopsticks. They dislike black, which is regarded as a bad omen. Avoid anything black.

5. Remember to say goodbye and to give thanks to the host when you leave the ger.

Shopping & Recreation
1. If you are interested in handicrafts such as calligraphy, chinaware, jade ware, bamboo, and woodcarvings, Inner Mongolia Antique Shop on Xilin North Road may give you some surprises.

2. Entertainment in Hohhot is colorful, with typical ethnic feature. In some night spots and theaters, there are wonderful Mongolian song and dance shows.

3. Besides, The most thrilling part of all activities is that you can demonstrate your sportsmanship by joining the locals, taking part in camel race, horse race, wrestling, archery or dance.


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