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Meaning "green city" in Mongolia language, Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. Located in the north of the Great Wall, it is a beautiful city with brilliant folk custom and modern development. Hohhot boasts lots of precious historical sites and the grassland with clustered horses, sheep and cows in countryside, the leisure life with the locals will surely heal your body and mind.

As an important minority region, you can learn its history and development in Inner Mongolia Museum or Zhaojun Tomb. Every summer during Mongolian's traditional festival – Naadam, lots of games will be sponsored in Xilamuren Grassland and Gegentala Grassland, such as Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery. It is one of the best times to see the local folk culture. Religion is also one of the featured elements of Inner Mongolia people, Dazhao Temple, Five Pagoda Temple and Xilituzhao Temple will tell you the faith of locals. >> Read more about Hohhot history, facts, getting around, etc.

Let’s have a relaxing trip in Hohhot! Blowing the breeze and horsing in the boundless grass, experience herdsmen’s life; living in Ger and drinking milky tea, do as locals do. We will help your Hohhot tour with every highlight and all the details, trying our best to provide you a wonderful vacation.

Suggested Private Hohhot Tour Packages

Hohhot is a charismatic city with typical and real life in prairie and modern prosperous constructions. Wandering in grassland, visiting temples or pagodas or having a family visit in locals, these can make your tour interesting!

  • 4 Days
    Hohhot Tour

    This 4-day Hohhot tour combines the natural & historical sites to offer a pleasant experience; From the breathtaking scener

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  • 5 Days
    Hohhot Tour

    This 5-day sighseeing trip presents all highlights in and around Hohhot - the fantastic natural scenery of glassland and Singin

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Top Experiences & Attractions in Hohhot

  • Gegentala Grassland is situated 145 km north of Hohhot, meaning a grazing land in summer in Mongolian. Because of its plainness, wideness and lush grass, it has been an ideal range...
  • Located 100 kilometers north of Hohhot, Xilamuren means "Yellow River" in Mongolian language. It is also called Zhaohe, because a Lama temple (Tuzhao) was built in the Qing Dynasty...
  • Dazhao Temple is the oldest building and the largest temple in Hohhot. It is located in the old part of Hohhot and was built in 1580 during Ming Dynasty. Usually, the locals call i...
  • Lies in 9 km south of Hohhot and in the bank of Dahei River, Zhaojun Tomb is one of the largest Han tombs of over 2000 years. It is listed as one of top eight popular scenic spots ...
  • The Mongolian Astronomical Map is the only one labeled in Mongolian so far in the world and it is of great importance to scientific research. The special structure makes Five-Pagod...
  • The White Pagoda is 55.5 meters high with eight angles and seven floors, looking grand and magnificent. The octagonal tower, a brick-wood building painted with chalk, is characteri...

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