Wuhan Introduction

yellow crane tower wuhanWuhan is the capital of Hubei province, and one of the largest cites in central part of China. It is also the heart of politics, economy and culture in Hubei province. Wuhan stretches 155 kilometers from north to south and 134 kilometers from east to west, which is like a dance-gracefully butterfly.

Wuhan consists of three parts: Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, which are divided by Yangtze River and Han River. Each part has its own major municipal function: Wuchang is the culture center, where a lot of universities are located here; Hankou belongs to a commerce center, which is the most prosperous and busy in Wuhan; Hanyang is the industrial base of the city, which embodies the development of Wuhan.

Having a proud 3000-year-old history, even in Han Dynasty Wuhan has turned itself to a busy port along the Yangtze River. In the following dynasties, Wuchang (part of Wuhan) gradually grew into the provincial capital. Colorful historical background left Wuhan rich tourist resources. The famous attractions include Hubei Provincial Museum, Yellow Crane Tower, and Guiyuan Temple, etc.

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