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What to See
  • Pedestrian Street of Jianghan Road
    Pedestrian Street of Jianghan Road

    Located between Jiang’an and Jianghan Districts, stretching from Wuhan Customs in the east to Jiefang Street in the north, Pedestrian Street of Jia ...

  • Wuhan Botanical Garden
    Wuhan Botanical Garden

    Founded in 1956, Wuhan Botanical Garden (WBG) is one of the earliest national botanical gardens established after foundation of the P. R. China in 1 ...

  • Changchun Taoist Temple
    Changchun Taoist Temple

    Located south of Shuangfeng Mountain, at Da Dong Men, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Changchun Taoist Temple is the largest and most well-preserved T ...

  • Guiyuan Temple
    Guiyuan Temple

    Guiyuan Temple is located in the west of Wuhan and one of the four biggest Buddhist temples. It was originally built in 1658 by two brothers named B ...

  • East Lake
    East Lake

    Located in the east of Wuhan, East Lake is a state-level scenic spot and the largest park in the city with covering 88 km2, including 33-square-koli ...

  • Hubei Provincial Museum
    Hubei Provincial Museum

    Located in the bank of East Lake, Hubei Provincial Museum was first built in 1953. It boasts the most important collection of cultural artifacts in ...

  • Yellow Crane Tower
    Yellow Crane Tower

    Yellow Crane Tower is located on the Snake Hill in Wuchang and is one of the most famous towers in south of Yangtze River. It becomes a symbol of Wu ...

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