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Gansu Provincial Museum   

First built in 1956 and opened in 1959, Gansu Provincial Museum covers an area of 21,000 square meters, with an exhibition space of 13,000 square meters. The museum is in the shape of Chinese character "Mountain".

The museum has 5 floors in the middle, three floors on both sides. In the museum exhibit historical finds in the provice, the Wei (220-265) and Jin (265-420) murals, the chart of the Silk Road, and other revolutionary cultural relics. The museum boasts nearly 100,000 pieces of relics and specimens. A bronze horse poised as if flying, and one of his hooves rests lightly on a swallow with wings outstretched, suggesting in an artistic and imaginative way the divine power which the Chinese at that time believed. The horse was excavated from an Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) tomb discovered in Gansu in 1969, so it has been selected as a graph symbol of China's tourism.

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Gansu Provincial Museum

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