Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

First built in 537 AD., it is a famous Buddhist temple in Guangzhou. Originally called Bao Zhuang Yan Temple, the temple's name was changed to Liurong (Six Banyans) in Ming Dynasty after it was found that the dissident poet-governor Su Dongpo had paid a visit to it in 1100 and wrote down the two Chinese characters "Liurong", which was inscribed on the two stone steles in the temple.

The most popular attraction is the 55m (184 feet) octagonal Flower Pagoda, which is the tallest in Guangzhou. From the outside it appears to have only nine stories, but inside it has 17. The pagoda was constructed in 1097. With its blue glazed-tiles, vermilion beams painted wall and red pillars all in good match, it resembles a huge flowery column. The pagoda is situated in the city proper, and when tourists stand on the top of it, they can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city.

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