White Pagoda

White Pagoda, also called Wanbu Huayanjing Pagoda, is located in the White Tower Village of the east suburb of Hohhot. Being one of the famous eight scenic spots in Hohhot, the White Pagoda was originally built in Liao Dynasty and is well kept after 930 years' history. It was originally as a tower of Buddhist temple where the Buddhist scripture was collected and preserved.

The White Pagoda is 55.5 meters high with eight angles and seven floors, looking grand and magnificent. The octagonal tower, a brick-wood building painted with chalk, is characteristic of the architectural style of the Liao Dynasty. Its base is shaped like lotus flower petals. On the front, there is a stone tablet scripting Ten Thousand Volumes of Huayan Scripture, along with exquisite relief of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Warriors and other Buddha figures. Inside the pagoda, you can find many scriptures and tablet inscriptions written in different languages of different ethnic groups. All this records makes White Pagoda as one of the most exquisite towers of the Liao Dynasty in China. The White Pagoda is an outstanding work of Buddhist construction of Liao Dynasty people who believed in Buddhism for over one thousand years. It is an important material for modern people to study history and culture of Hohhot in Liao Dynasty. In 1982, the White Pagoda was appointed to be a unit under key protection and preservation by the State Council.

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