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Gegentala Grassland   

Gegentala Grassland is situated 145 km north of Hohhot, meaning a grazing land in summer in Mongolian. Because of its plainness, wideness and lush grass, it has been an ideal rangeland since ancient times. There are a lot of Mongolian Yurt restaurants in the tourist attractions nowadays.

To experience the life on the grassland, you can visit herdsmen's house and have the local meal prepared by them. Visitors can ride a horse at a gallop or ride a camel at slow pace in the boundless grassland. In the evening, you can dance and sing with the locals surrounding the campfire. It will make your tour special and colorful.

When coming to 25th to 31st July every year it is the time for Nadamu Festival, which is the traditional activity in Mongolia and plays a key role in their life. In the past, lamas always burn incense to pray to Buddha. At present, there are many different activities during the festival, such as, wrestling, horserace, archery, etc.

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