Zhaojun Tomb

Lies in 9 km south of Hohhot and in the bank of Dahei River, Zhaojun Tomb is one of the largest Han tombs of over 2000 years. It is listed as one of top eight popular scenic spots in Hohhot. The tomb is 13,000m2 and 33m in height. It is also called "Green Mound" because it is surrounded by fresh and green grass.

In history, Wang Zhaojun was a commoner woman of Han Dynasty and dedicated herself to the peaceful cause between nationalities. In the old times, nationalities could keep peace through marriage. In Han dynasty, Huhanxie Chanyu, the chief of the Xiongnu, put forward that tied with Han court through marriage. Then Wang Zhaojun married him. Meanwhile, she also brought the culture of Central China Plain to the Xiongnu people and promote the exchanges between two cultures. Her story spread among the people, and she was regarded as the one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history.

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