Ximen Red Yao Village

What interest visitors most in Longsheng County? Undoubtedly it is the ethnic life style of the local villages. Yao people are called 'Red Yao' because of their red clothing. The traditional suit of the women is of bright colors. They also decorate their shirts with decorations made out of silver.

yao village

Ximen Red Yao Village belongs to the Red Yao minority, located between Longsheng town and the hot spring resort, 8 kilometers from Longsheng Spring area. It is a old Yao village, along with Sanmen Yao Village, consisiting Ximen Village. Ximen Red Yao Village enjoys an ideal location with terraces like dragon twisting in front and streams like silk ribbons zigzagging behind.

Long hair of Yao women is a local tradition in Ximen Red Yao Village. All the women in this village can only cut their hair at 16 years old, symbolizing the fact she is an adult who can look for a lover. Different hairstyles represent different statues. Girls' hair set is wrapped by a coif on which has special signs while married women's tray-like hair set is some flat. Visitors who come to this village will surely be impressed by the dark black hair of local women. The secret of the hair protection is zymolytic rice-washing water, which the Yao women use to wash their hair.

Ximen villagers till keep traditional way of life of the Yao people. Although Ximen does not belong to the "Longsheng rice terraces" like Ping'An and Dazhai, Ximen Red Yao Village offers you wonderful views of these rice fields in a far less touristic area.

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