Mangrove National Park

inside the parkMangrove is a kind of marine woody phytocoenose, which comprise primarily of Rhizophoraceae Plants, which is named from its pink tree trunk. Located in Shenzhen Bay near the southern end of Futian district, Mangrove National Park was set up as a provincial reserve in October 1984, and was recognized as a state natural reserve by the State Council in 1988. Covering a total area of 367.6 hectares, Mangrove National Park is China's smallest national park.

Built adjacent to Hongkong's Mai Po Natural Reserve, it attracts lots of birds from the north in winter. As a state-level bird sanctuary, a habitat and rest site for migratory birds,the reserve has become a stopover for about 400 000 migrant birds of 189 species on their way either south to Australia or north to Siberia each year. According to statistics, there were 180 kinds of birds at most during winter time in the park, more than 20 of which were rare species under international and national protection.

Numerous migratory birds and beautiful nature landscape have made Mangrove National Park a landmark of Shenzhen and an ideal entertainment place for Shenzhen people. Especially at weekends, locals gather in the park, watching the sea, basking sunshine and sea wind, chatting and playing cards, which add much vitality to it. It is free to enter.

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